You Bronze Tanning Mitt

You Bronze Tanning Mitt

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Common Questions Answered💌


Q: How often do I need to reapply my tan?

A: About every 5 days


Q: How many full body applications in a bottle?

A: 7/8 full body applications or 1 1/2 months if used  consistently


Q:Is You Bronze safe during pregnancy?

A: Yes it is, always check with your doctor first though.


Q: Is You Bronze gluten & Paraben Free

A: Yes!


Q: Is You Bronze tested on Animals?

A: NEVER. We are a animal cruelty free brand ALWAYS ❤️


Q: Can I apply You Bronze to my face?

A: Yes, most definitely!


Q: Do I have to use the applicator mitt when applying the tanner?

A: Yes we highly recommend using our Applictor mitt so we can guarantee a flawless tan without unwanted staining on your hands.


Q: How fast does You Bronze dry?

A: Ive had some customers say their tan has dried completely within 10 minutes.  When I apply two coats I feel it takes about 30 minutes to be 100% dry and okay to lay on white sheets with zero transfer.


Q: How does You Bronze look on stretch marks?

A: AMAZING! Lindsey the creator and founder of You Bronze who is a mother of 3 has lots of stretch marks and needed to create a self tanning mousse that would blend with them and not make her stretch marks stand out .

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